November 12, 2018

A Christmas fairy tale at Tivoli Friheden

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Theming expert MK Themed Attractions and festive lighting market leader MK Illumination create Christmas fairy tale at Tivoli Friheden through their strong collaboration.

Over the Christmas season, Tivoli Friheden transforms into a true Christmas fairy tale filled with enchanting lights and themed decorations. With the help of MK Themed Attractions, the amusement park’s Christmas light and decor has been taken to a higher level and now includes a more themed Christmas experience. MK Themed Attractions and its parent company, MK Illumination collaborated closely to create a cohesive themed concept with integrated lighting for Christmas. MK Illumination is a market leader in the design and production of festive lighting and their quality lights and large light sculptures can to be found throughout the amusement park during the dark winter months.

“Over the Christmas season, many amusement parks are transformed with the help of light that brings a magical feeling to individual attractions” says René Hansen, Themed Attraction Manager at MK Themed Attractions. “We wanted to add extra spice to Tivoli Friheden and not just create enchanting lighting and decorative concepts, but rather a true Christmas experience complete with Santa’s sleigh, reindeers, elves, nutcrackers, even an entire Christmas town to meet client expectations.”


MK Themed Attractions, who is known from their work with Movie Park, Plopsa and Europa-Park amongst others, uses their strong collaboration with MK Illumination to ensure that clients get the best of both worlds when amusement parks want to create multi-sensory Christmas experiences for visitors.

“We have a close collaboration with our parent company, so when an amusement park wants decorative lighting, we can offer them the best lighting products possible and  enhances guests’ experiences  by combining lighting with the right theming, which makes it possible for us to create extraordinary Christmas themed experiences.”

For many years, the two companies have decorated Tivoli Friheden using both their theming and light expertise. This strong collaboration has made it possible for Tivoli Friheden to work with one supplier to create a unique and multi-faceted Christmas experience.

“It has been beneficial for us to simply deal with MK Themed Attractions and get both light and theming at the same time for our Christmas season” says Morten Palm Andersen, Marketing Manager at Tivoli Friheden.

During Christmas at Tivoli Friheden you can experience a complete themed Santa Town filled with animatronic elves preparing Christmas presents, a barn full of animatronic mice and elves, and goofy fiberglass reindeer and chickens, among other displays. The Santa Town is used to create excitement and lead children to Santa’s house, which is located at the back of Santa town.

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