November 1, 2021

MK Themed Attractions is increasing capacity and leveling up

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It is our pleasure to announce that MK Themed Attractions is now breaking the fantastic news that we are increasing the capacity in our production and administrative facilities in the Philippines. 


Thursday 14th of October, 2021. Ringsted, Denmark.  

Written by MK Themed Attractions and verified by René Hansen, CEO of MK Themed Attractions, and Mathias Fenger, MD of MK Themed Attractions PH Inc. 

The following is a joined statement from the CEO of MK Themed Attractions, René Hansen, and the CEO of MK Themed Attractions PH Inc., Mathias Fenger: 

“It is a great time for MK Themed Attractions. We are increasing the production facility and capacity in the Philippines as we just finished our new and second factory of 6,000 m2, which makes it a combined total of more than 15,000 m2 of factory. The two factories in the Philippines are supporting the demand of MK Themed Attractions’ clients all over the world.  

MK Themed Attractions is in a positive up-going spiral and we are receiving new and bigger orders each day. In order to keep up with the demand in the market, we are gladly making the necessary investments, empowering ourselves and our subsidiaries to reach more customers, and meet their ever-increasing demands for seasonal and themed fiberglass and light statues.  

Right now, the production man-power has more than 500 people, which will increase to double that by the end of next year, when the new facility is completely up and running. 

However, it is not only the production side of the business that is being increased, improved, and streamlined, it is also the administrative side of the business. Administrative positions will also increase to keep up with the production. 

And to top it all off, we are in the final planning phase of building a new warehouse in the Philippines to store finalized statues and products. This new warehouse is planned to be finalized and complete by the end of 2022.  

We are proud to make this announcement, and hopefully, it will send a signal to everyone that MK Themed Attractions is in it to win it, and in it for the long run. 


All the best, 

René and Mathias” 


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