November 27, 2018

Brand new Gyro Swing to open in Djurs Sommerland

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Brand new Gyro Swing to open in Djurs Sommerland in less than 6 months with the help of MK Themed Attractions

When Djurs Sommerland opens in May 2019, it will feature a brand new Gyro Swing called “Tigeren” and a theme produced by MK Themed Attractions. “Tigeren” will be one of the largest rides ever built in Denmark and it will swing visitors 45 metres up in the air at a speed of 100 km/h while rotating.

“It is going to be a spectacular, fun-filled ride,” says Henrik B. Nielsen, Managing Director at Djurs Sommerland.

This isn’t the first time MK Themed Attractions has helped the leading Danish Amusement park transform their rides with themed designs. In 2018, the park unveiled two new family-friendly rides, “Jungle Rally” and “Safaribussen”, both of which included themes produced by MK Themed Attractions.

Making “Tigeren” a reality has been a collaborative effort, with Djurs Sommerland working closely with the theme designers, Leisure Expert Group (LEG), and with the theme producers, MK Themed Attractions, to turn their vision into a reality. “Tigeren” (“The Tiger” in Danish) will have a theme that matches its name and will be located in the Wild Asia area of the amusement park, where “Dragekongen” and the amusement park’s two new 2018 rides are located. 

“Due to our long-standing and trusted relationship, we have chosen MK Themed Attractions to produce the theming for our new ride,” says Nielsen. “Year after year, MK Themed Attractions has proven themselves to be the right partner for us in creating and producing themed decorations for our rides, including our family suspended coaster ‘Dragekongen’ in 2017 and our family-friendly ‘Jungle Rally’ and ‘Safaribussen’ in 2018.”

René Hansen, Managing Director at MK Themed Attractions added, “Thanks to our close collaboration with Djurs Sommerland over the years, there is not much in this lovely summer amusement park that we haven’t helped bring to life,” he said. “We’ve designed new themes and updated existing themes in the park, and we’re looking forward to the launch of ‘Tigeren’ in the coming year.”

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