Movie Park
February 2, 2018

Exciting changes at Movie Park Germany

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Movie Park has announced that they are replacing their fairy tale themed Mystery River, which is one of the largest rides in Europe, into a King Arthur theme attraction filled with treasures, knights and of course the famous Excalibur.

For this huge theming upgrade, Movie Park’s Mystery River will turn into Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest. Several well-known companies in the industry will help transform the ride. The design of the new upgrade has been created by Leisure Experts Group and the Danish company Tema Design by MK Illumination is responsible for the large-scale thematic transformation. The two companies know each other well and have collaborated on a number of projects in past, including many projects for the Danish amusement park Djurs Sommerland.

“From the start Tema Design by MK Illumination, has been a pro-active supporter for this project. They have shown both strong collaborations skills and excessive knowledge of the theming production. We look much forward to a strong collaboration on this project and to see the end result.” – Manuel Prossotowicz, Director Marketing & Sales / Director Brand Development at Movie Park

The complex Movie Park redesign project includes 12 new scenes for the ride in addition to other new features, and is a great way for Tema Design by MK Illumination to show the attraction industry that not only are they capable of producing high quality fiberglass decorations, but that they are able to produce exciting themed attractions, too.

Specific details of the project cannot be revealed at this time, but the materials that Tema Design by MK Illumination is going to work with in order to create the King Arthur theme include fiberglass, textile and wood – one of the company’s areas of specialization – amongst others.

The Danish company’s Themed Attraction Manager, Lars Nielsen says, “It is amazing to finally be able to tell the world about this huge project. We are beyond proud to produce and deliver the thematic transformation that Move Park has worked on for years. A project like this, which involves working with so many different materials, truly shows that we are able to make anything possible.”

Tema Design by MK Illumination has established its name in the attraction industry by providing high-quality fiberglass decorations for Plopsa’s new park in Poland; Majaland Kownaty; and several famous Danish amusement parks, amongst others. They have also won Plopsa’s new project in Germany, where Tema Design by MK Illumination will be producing imaginative trees and famous IP’s for Holiday Indoor, an extension of Plopsa’s Holiday Park in Germany.

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