Jesperhus Feriepark Zik og Zaks Abeland
November 25, 2019

FEC area increased sales with 300% with new IP theme

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MK Themed Attractions helped Jesperhus Feriepark increase sales with 300% with new IP themed FEC

Right before the summer holiday Jesperhus Feriepark, a popular amusement park in Denmark, opened their re-themed Family Entertainment Center (FEC), where MK Themed Attractions had produced, delivered and installed famous Danish IP (Intellectual Property) characters.

The re-theme of Jesperhus Feriepark’s existing play center is an extensive colorful explosion that lets guests escape from reality and into the world of their famous Danish IP characters the monkeys Zik and Zak as well as many more. The investment costed 6.5 million Danish Kroners (870,000 EUR) and included a 7×40 meter extension of the area along with new ventilation, new toilets, new kiosk, floor heat, paint, playground elements and the themed IP characters that MK Themed Attractions produced and installed.

The re-theme of the FEC area resulted in 45,000 visitors the first six weeks of opening which gave a sale on tickets, food and drinks at the play center that was 300% more than budged. When Lars Nielsen, Themed Attraction Specialist at MK Themed Attractions, was asked why he believe Jesperhus Feriepark has experienced such great results he answered “Today guests want to enter a storytelling world that let them escape the stressful everyday life, and this new colorful explosion, where the world of Zik and Zak has come to life, is exactly that – a storytelling themed world.”

It was the vision of Peter Overgaard, the Managing Director at the park, that the world of the IP characters of the park should be turned into reality, and by the help of MK Themed Attractions that became possible. “The last couple of years we have intensified the themed experience at our park which has had a very positive outcome.” Overgaard continues “MK Themed Attraction helped our new water park Hugos Badeland come to life last year, and this year the world of Zik and Zak, so of course we continue in 2020 by adding a complete themed outdoor playground right in front of our new play center, and it will again be MK Themed Attractions who will produce the themed fiberglass items.”

This is how the FEC area of Jesperhus Feriepark looked before the re-theme in 2019. Somatic was responsible for designing and visualizing the area and MK Themed Attractions made their vision come to life.

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