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#Summer    October 5, 2020

Tivoli Friheden improved their visitor numbers by 45% during the summer

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A big success

During the summer season at Tivoli Friheden the amusement park managed, with the help of MK Themed Attractions, to increase their visitor numbers by 45% by implementing a brand new, and never before seen Flower Festival at the Danish park. The Flower Festival was such a big success, that the park is repeating the event in both 2021 and 2022. Their sales and marketing manager Morten Palm Andersen is very excited about the results of this summer’s Flower Festival

“I’m pleased at how well the new season has been received by our visitors. Actually, we had so many visitors during the summer that we made a record in July, where we had the pleasure of 114,000 guests“

The flower festival at Tivoli Friheden clearly shows that investing in a new season within the main season can be fruitful.

Fascinating creations

With the climate changes in mind and a passion for the history of nature, MK Themed Attractions designed the sculptures to captivate the attention of the audience, and produced the items at their 20,000+ square feet production factory in the Philippines.

MK Themed Attractions designed and produced two talking trees with the help of their sister company Création Group, who has produced animatronic figures for more than 50 years.  To make the experience of the flower festival interactive the theming company added a push-button to active the talking trees, who then told stories about the park, for much amusement for the visitors of the amusement park.

Mother Earth was represented as an artistic statue of her face and hair of ivy and flowers, as a tribute to the eternal life she provides. All the sculptures that MK Themed Attractions produced were equipped with a description, to give the gusts an insight of the ideas behind the designs.

The concept of the event

Tivoli Friheden is an amusement park placed in a forest near Aarhus in Denmark. As a new initiative, the park decided to open the biggest flower-festival in Denmark. The festival wished to create an extraordinary sensory experience, where the guests could see, feel, taste, and smell the flowers in a completely new way, through creative events, inspirational gardens, climate talks, and workshops for all ages.

Tivoli Friheden contacted MK Themed Attractions to help them realize their dreams. MK Themed Attractions designed and produced the great artistic fiberglass sculptures, including oversized flowers to create an aesthetic atmosphere for the festival that transformed the park into a flower universe that surpassed the limits of imagination.

Flower Festival at Tivoli Friheden

Flower Festival at Tivoli Friheden
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