February 14, 2018

New collaboration for Plopsa’s theme park Majaland Kownaty

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When Plopsa opens their new theme park Majaland Kownaty in Poland, guests will be mesmerized by statues of high quality created by Tema Design by MK Illumination.

Plopsa is a group of theme parks where you can meet the famous Studio 100 personalities. Plopsa Group own and operate 6 theme parks around Europe and planned to open in the spring 2018, they are now ready to expand with a new Park in Poland – Majaland Kownaty. Decorations of their well-known characters like Maya the Bee, Heidi and Vic the Viking will be created by the Danish company Tema Design by MK Illumination. Besides the famous characters, the company will produce a broad variety of decorative elements for the theme park, including amazing oversized flowers and marvelous butterflies which will be displaced around the theme park.

A reason to Plopsa’s success is their focus on creativity, and if there is anything Tema Design by MK Illumination can do, it is to create mesmerizing creative fiberglass figures in top of the line quality. Plopsa’s CEO Steve Van den Kerkhof is pleased and says “As in all our attractions we seek to create a holistic experience in which every element collaborates perfectly to create an unforgettable experience for our guests. This is also the case with our new park Majaland Kownaty. Tema Design by MK Illumination showed great understanding in this vision and our high standards. The collaboration with Tema Design by MK Illumination is of big significance, as they deliver decorative elements for our park Majaland Kownaty, including our most popular characters Maya the Bee, Heidi and Vic the Viking”.

“We at Tema Design by MK illumination are very pleased that Plopsa chose us to produce decorative elements and statues for their new park Majaland Kownaty. It is a big honor to collaborate with Plopsa, and we will make sure to produce the best decorative elements possible, so Plopsa’s guests can have a mesmerizing experience.” says Lars Nielsen, Themed Attraction Manager at Tema Design by MK Illumination.

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