September 14, 2017

Not only large amusement parks go all in for Halloween!

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When darkness falls at this time of year, large amusement parks turn into scary graveyards and dens full of ghosts, witches, creepy skeletons and flesh eating zombies. Halloween has travelled overseas for years, and has become a popular event amongst huge theme parks. However no one should say that large amusement parks are the only ones who celebrate Halloween with style. Amongst smaller amusement parks is French Parc Saint Paul, who has expanded their magnificent Halloween theme this year. They go all in, with funky zombie dancers and a hunted castle where you can put your courage to a test. Some of their Halloween decorations include 4 meters giant skeletons made in high quality fiberglass, designed and produced to withstand weather of all kinds. These skeletons are so big, even their tallest guard at 2.47 meters looks to be an average height. 

It is the decorative elements that create the atmosphere and the spectacular Halloween experience, guests receive when entering the park. Parc Saint Paul knows this, so in order to create a social media worth experience for their guests, they chose to collaborate with Tema Design by MK Illumination. Tema Design by MK Illumination is a Danish company, specialized in creating amongst others mesmerizing decorative elements for the attraction industry worldwide.

“This is not the first time we have worked with Tema Design by MK Illumination, as they also created our giant Dinosaur head photo pod. Every time we have worked with them, has been a pleasure especially because they fully understand our needs and desires. As with our big dinosaur head, we wanted something big for Halloween too, and we know they can create huge fiberglass products while not compromising with the details or the quality of the products” Gilles Campion.

Parc Saint Paul is a perfect example to indicate that Halloween is not only for larger amusement parks, every theme park, no matter size, can celebrate the scariest event of the year.


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