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November 22, 2019

Update about Paultons Park’s immersive new themed area, Tornado Springs

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In May 2020 you can experience Paultons Park’s immersive new themed area, Tornado Springs, produced by MK Themed Attractions

Over the last couple of months the Danish award winning theming expert MK Themed Attractions has used more than 900 litres of paint to cover a total area of 5000m2, and worked intensively on producing roughly 500 props for Paultons Park’s brand new area Tornado Springs that opens May 2020.

The hidden jewel Tornado Springs is located on the famous Route 83 at Paultons Park. It is the brand new area at the park that MK Themed Attractions at the moment is transforming from bricks and wall constructions to a heavy themed immersive experience of the 1950’s America.

Operations Director James Mancey comments on the project so far “We are really excited to finally see all the months of planning and preparation starting and come together and are very much looking forward to progressing on to the final part of the development.  MK Themed Attractions is now here on site to add the attention to detail and quality of finish that will add the magic to bring Tornado Springs to life”.

Tornado Springs is, as the name implies, located in a harsh environment with robust weather conditions where it is rather common that tornados hit now and then which will be a key visual of the theming.

There is still a lot of construction work going on at the park including installing all the brand new rides, before MK Themed Attractions can completely transform the area into a 1950s American world, but the work has already begun.

“We are at the moment installing props and theming for the indoor queuing areas including the new Spinning Coaster” says Casper Damkier, Technical Manager at MK Themed Attractions. He continues “It’s a great milestone of the project that we are finally able to start decorating the area after focusing on the artistic painting of the project.”

Follow along with the construction of the new area at the YouTube channel Theme Park Worldwide, where Shawn shows exclusive behind the scenes stuff from the new area. Shawn might or might not follow along with the crew of MK Themed Attractions at the start of next year, to show the detailing of the theming that is based on visions from Leisure Expert Group. You can also follow Tornado Springs at Twitter, where the excitement for the new area is built up week for week by “local” people from the storming town, Tornado

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