November 25, 2019

Visuals of 2020 project for Jeserhus Feriepark revealed

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For the third year in a row Jesperhus Feriepark is adding IP theming to their family friendly amusement park

In 2018 Jesperhus Feriepark re-themed their water park to match the world of the famous Danish IP character Jungledyret Hugo where MK Themed Attractions was brought in to help the visuals of Somatic come to life. The result was a “brand new” water park filled with IP characters that visitors loved. In 2019 the family friendly amusement park re-themed their Family Entertainment Center to match the world of Jungledyret Hugo’s friends, the monkeys Zik and Zak. The result of this re-theme was magnificent, besides being stunning it has also given a great return on investment. For 2020, the amusement park will yet again add themed props to their park.

It was the vision of Peter Overgaard, the Managing Director at the park, that the world of the Danish IP characters from Jungledyret Hugo, should be turned into reality “The last couple of years we have intensified the themed experience at our park which has had a very positive outcome. MK Themed Attraction helped Hugo come to life at our new water park and the monkeys Zik and Zak come to life at our play center, so of course we continue in 2020 by adding a complete themed outdoor playground right in front of our new play center, and it will again be MK Themed Attractions who will produce the themed fiberglass items.”

The production of the new themed fiberglass items includes a red sports car, a caravan, boats, props and IP characters, which are already in production at MK Themed Attractions’ world class production facility in the Philippines. The caravan will be placed at the entrance to enhance the brand of Jesperhus Feriepark being a Family Friendly amusement park with own campsite.

Somatic designed the new themed items that will be added in 2020.

 Visuals have been created by Somatic

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