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Nothing creates memories like the Christmas season

Christmas Displays & concepts

Deck the halls with magnificent Christmas displays. Wouldn’t this be nice, if this was you we were talking about: Your guests are looking forward to visiting your attraction or park during the Christmas season year after year because you create something extraordinary, magical, and unforgettable experiences you give them. Each year your guests tell friends and family about the wonderful Christmas display you had and urge them to go see it for themselves.

Sounds great? Well okay then, let’s get started on your Christmas display, and let’s create some returning guests which also function as your ambassadors.

A Nutcracker Christmas Concept Display

Almost everyone knows a Nutcracker statue when they see one. Many will also immediately connect the nutcracker theme to the Christmas season, which then makes a Nutcracker Christmas Concept Display a perfect display for your attraction or park.

In the inspirational image below the nutcrackers are guarding the entrance to Santa’s busy Christmas Town.

Small selection of our huge Christmas Fiberglass product line

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