Conceptual displays

Seasonal and themed concepts

We are specialized in themed and seasonal concepts and pop-up displays for amusement parks, theme parks, zoos, cities, aquariums, and many more. Find your next Halloween display, Christmas display, Easter display, winter display, summer display, valentines display, etc. right here. We can create whatever you dream of.


Are you interested in knowing more about how your attraction or business can create an over-the-top experience for your guests and customers? Then have a look at our themed concepts catalog, filled with inspiration and amazement of what we can create together with you.


But don’t limit yourself to what you see in the catalog. We have a saying here at MK Themed Attractions: “Everything is possible!” In the spirit of creating wonders, magical experiences, and unforgettable and happy moments for your guests and customers, only imagination sets the limit. So if you do not see the concept or product you need or dream of then don’t hesitate to get in touch by filling out the contact form below because, as we say… everything is possible!


Scroll down, submit the contact form to contact us today, and let’s talk about your dreams and goals, and let’s create an unforgettable guest experience and a ripple effect across the globe.


If you are looking for a custom fiberglass product, where we produce your unique IP character, corporate mascot, etc. click here and have a look at this custom fiberglass products page.

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