Unique customization

Custom Fiberglass Moulding and Products

Do you have a special IP character, a corporate mascot, a special-themed environment you need to be produced in durable and high-quality fiberglass? We have the expertise, creativity, and ability to help you produce your custom fiberglass products.


We have been producing all kinds of things in fiberglass and resin for 25+ years, and we are no doubt one of the market leaders in the world. Our factory is in the Philippines and we are ready to take on your dream, vision, and custom fiberglass production.

If you are looking for a seasonal and themed concept consisting of fiberglass products from our already existing portfolio, then click here to read more about our seasonal concept offerings.

How does custom fiberglass production work?

First, you reach out to us using the contact form below.

Then one of our representatives will contact you as soon as possible to establish common ground and balance expectations.

Then 3D simulations will be made (if you don’t have them yourself).

Then our moulding process will begin, duplicates will be made, and products and finishing will start.

In the end, your desired custom fiberglass product will be ready to ship to you for you and your guests to enjoy!

From idea to production and delivery

We are your go-to place for anything you need to be produced in durable fiberglass. We support you all the way from idea to delivery.

Here’s an overview of how we can support you:

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We value the quality & expertise
Our dinosaur head is one of the things MK Themed Attractions has made for us, and it has received a lot of attention. We highly value the strong quality and expertise portrayed by our Danish collaboration, and look forward to working with them in the future.

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