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Halloween Concept

Entertaining Halloween Display

Halloween is becoming increasingly more popular and has become one of the biggest seasons for amusement parks, theme parks, zoos, etc. in Europe over the past years. We are of course supporting the attraction industry in creating scary and entertaining Halloween displays for the guests. We always focus on who our client is and who their guests are when we are creating an unforgettable Halloween concept display.


We have complete Halloween concepts for you to choose from if you want a somehow standardized solution including the whole Halloween experience, or you can pick and choose the items you want yourself. Either way, we make sure you are able to decorate your attraction or park with the Halloween displays you want and dream of. 

MK Themed Attractions Halloween Freak Show concept display. Halloween display. Halloween Concept.

A Halloween Freakshow

One of the scary Halloween display concepts you can get from us and display to your guests is the Halloween Freak Show. It includes our statue replicas of well-known monsters, phantasy figures, legends, and traditional scary individuals.


Create a whole scene or universe where guests can be freaked out by our scary-looking and realistic Halloween figures, or place them in different places to connect the entire park in one amazing Halloween-themed concept, which your guests will be amazed by, shared online with friends and family, and remember. All this will add to the probability that they will return for the following seasons.

Halloween Freak Show video

Halloween Freak Show video
Halloween Pumpkin display. Halloween Pumpkin Concept. MK Themed Attractions.

A Light-filled Pumpkin Halloween Display

What is more symbolic for Halloween than the pumpkin? You cannot have a Halloween display without pumpkins. And we have Halloween pumpkins in many different sizes, with and without light, and some more monster-looking than others.


You can hang pumpkins over the walking paths in the park, in the trees, or you can create your own pumpkin field. Let your imagination run riot to create a unique Halloween pumpkin display. 

Tivoli Friheden Halloween theming 6

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