Theme Parks

Plopsa, Majaland Kownaty

Majaland Kownaty is a brand new theme park in Poland that is thematized based on some of the company’s most famous characters including Maya the Bee, Heidi and Vic the Viking. We were chosen to produce IP characters and theming elements such as butterflies and over-sized flowers to enhance the guests’ experience. We proved to Plopsa that we could deliver the highest standards within fiberglass production designed specifically based on their technical drawings, which is the reason they chose us to supply some of the themed elements for their new themed area, Holiday Indoor at Holiday Park, Germany.

“MK Themed Attractions ¬†showed great understanding in our vision and our high quality standards for our new theme park Majaland Kownaty.

The collaboration with MK Themed Attractions (formerly Tema Design by MK Illumination) is of big significance, as they deliver statues of our most popular characters Maya the Bee, Heidi and Vic the Viking as well as other decorative elements.” – Steve Van den Kerkhof, CEO, Plopsa

Plopsa Majaland Plopsa Majaland Plopsa Majaland Plopsa Majaland
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