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Not all festivals have the budget for custom-designed theme décor, so we also offer a selection of stunning “Stage2Rent®” options that allow you to create a themed festival experience that will “wow” audiences.

Take a look at our stages below or contact us to request a brochure and discuss the possibilities for your festival.


The Steam Punk decor is an industrial-looking decor that is fully developed in 2D and semi-3D.

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Music World

Music World is a clear, symmetrical decor that consists of 3 different depth lines.

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Miami Beach Motel

The concept consists of 4 sides and the complete setting creates a festival area on its own.

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Temple of Love

The ‘Temple of Love’ is designed to resemble a Inca-temple and is built symmetrically.

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The Greenboys decor, fully printed on forex, symbolizes nature and is entirely hand drawn in-house.

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Custom-designed stages

Are you looking for custom-designed music festival stage decor to meet an unusual theme or specific set of requirements? Let us help.

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A 360° in-house service

From design to engineering, installation to maintenance, we do it all.

  • Design

  • Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Installation

  • PLUS Health & Safety Know-how

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An experience!
Our guests come to Liseberg to experience a winter world, and a big part of the experience is the light and other decorations. We have about 5 million points of light in here, and depending on the experience we want to create, we have various selections of lights. The illumination of the park takes place in close cooperation with MK Themed Attractions, who is also about to deliver new Christmas decorations.

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