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True Light Experiences

We collaborate with our sister company MK Illumination, which has over 25 years of experience in creating exceptional true light experiences across verticals all over the world like shopping centers, cities, hotels, airports, train stations… All of them know the importance of creating experiences to attract and maintain visitors. The same goes for attractions, parks, events, etc.


When you contact us to discuss your future seasonal or themed concept or display, and if you want to add amazing and experience-enhancing lights to the decoration and display, we will bring the local MK Illumination office aboard to pitch in and discuss possibilities. This means you’ll have a combination of skills which for sure will get your seasonal or themed display over the creative top.


Our design-driven festive lighting concepts, 3D light sculptures, and range of innovative lighting motifs and products fill spaces with a festive atmosphere, enhance mood, and delight guests.


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MK Illumination transforms spaces into atmospheric places that make people happy with custom, design-driven True Light Experiences.

People crave experiences more than anything else. That’s why MK Illumination harnesses the power of light, design, storytelling and carefully-selected products to create lighting experiences that tap into people’s emotions. MK Illumination works across a range of sectors for clients large and small, combining local expertise and global experience, and delivering unique experiential solutions as well as a selection of high-quality products.

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