Parc Saint Paul

How a new season
became a success

The Client
CEO Gilles Campion from the French small-medium sized amusement park, Parc Saint Paul.

The Challenge
“We wanted to attract more guests and chose to expand the regular opening season to November. We did not lose money, but we did not earn any either, so we decided to create a new season. From our perspective it can be rather simple to create a Halloween season using real pumpkins, old clothes and regular sized skeletons, but the impact of such theming is not enough to draw in large crowds of visitors during cold months.”

The Solution
“To make our Halloween an extraordinary experience, we use dressed up life actors to entertain our guests. We try to think outside the box and create different themed areas using large themed entrance gates, arches and other giant themed items from MK Themed Attraction. These Halloween items add
volume and big dimensions to our theming, which create a
perfect atmosphere for the different Halloween activities we have.”

The Result
“When we analyze our investment spend compared to the end result, we see a regular growth during this season and on the 31st of October/1st of November, if the weather is sunny, we have as many guests as on a crowded summer day. We furthermore see that the photo areas we create are hugely popular such as our giant 4 meters wide spider. The result of our efforts also shows that our youngest guests love our fun comic Halloween theming, so we are looking to do much more of that in the future.”

Gilles Campion, CEO at Parc Saint Paul

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